Chase overcharged and improperly foreclosed on veterans!

Chase overcharged and improperly foreclosed on veterans!

NBC was the first to report last week that JP Morgan Chase publicly acknowledged overcharging 4,000 military families for their mortgages. With that admission JP Morgan Chase CO also acknowledged improperly forclosing on some of the homes. The report came to light from a court case filed by Marine Captain Jonathan Rowles.

In a statement to NBC News Chase chief communications officer Kristin Lemkau had this to say: “We are deeply appreciative of those who fight to protect our country and Chase funds a number of programs that provide benefits to military personnel and veterans, and while any customer mistake is regrettable, we feel particularly badly about the mistakes we made here.”

Well if that aint lipstick on a pig than I don’t know what is! I almost don’t even know where to begin…almost.

First of all I don’t know about the people at Chase but where I come from (Denver, CO) I was taught that when you offer an apology you make that apology and don’t cloud it with garbage and excuses. Come on, Chase! Did you really need to spin in your own apology that you fund “a number of programs?” After all, you are publicly acknowledging that you made a ‘mistake.’ Just offer the public apology and let the chips fall where they may. You did blow the whistle on yourself and that should spare you some scrutiny.

I also don’t buy the idea that this is a “mistake.” Sorry. Maybe that is the cynic in me. However,  Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., chairman on the House Committee on Veteran Affairs seems to agree when he stated: “The Service Members Civil Relief Act has been in place for decades and I cannot believe that one of the nation’s largest financial institutions appears to be disregarding the protections offered by that law.” This smacks of ‘it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission;’ or, Chase is simply too large to function in a manner while abiding by and ensuring the integrity the most basic laws in our country.

It is a despicable shame that thousands of our brave service members were forced into the distractions of financial affairs back home while protecting our country and freedoms. To add insult to injury these service members received collection calls and threats to take the home and report the families to credit agencies. Talk about putting people in harm’s way-literally.

As a result of NBC News report and the Rowles lawsuit Chase has begun mailing a total of about $2 million in refunds to families that were overcharged. Mrs. Lemkau also stated those who improperly lost their homes have gotten or will get their homes back.

Investigations are under way by the House Committee on Veteran Affairs and a federal prosecutor. This is a second black eye on Chase following the ‘robo signing’ scandal reported late last year. It might be important to note that Chase had over $2.14 TRILLION in total assets as of September, 2010. They are second only to Bank of America.

Did you know?

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  2. I Love your website. I’m gonna post a link on my Facebook Page!

  3. William Rist says:

    Speaking of Chase Fraud and over- charging veterans,the to big to fail banks should be required to give back the tax payer tarp money they stole + plus interest at a fixed rate of 6% for 30 years since tax payers loaned them the tarp money. The fact of the matter is that their was lack of over-sight on the banksters behalf. Next Americans, should demand to audit the Federal Reserve since 1913. Check out the video by Aaron Russo, “America Freedom to Fascism.”

  4. Andy Faria says:

    Home values in the US cannot begin to come up until the short sales and foreclosures have run their course.

    Every short sale that occurs corrects that one particular property, now, instead of later.

    Of course the banks want to stretch this out and take their losses over the next ten years instead of all at once. Even if our home values are at stake.

  5. Chase is the best to deal with when short selling, I have some contacts you can use if you need to delay foreclosure. I think there is more to this story, did this Veteran attempt to work with Chase? I find them best to deal with in all the banks.

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