Denver Short Sales: Sell your home multiple times!

Denver Short Sales: Sell your home multiple times!

If there is one thing I stress to borrowers considering a short sale it’s that our job is to sell the home multiple times. I know that sounds funny on its face but allow me to explain.

Today’s world is many things if not efficient. We have instant communication, instant news, instant food and coffee, information at our fingertips, etc… We have become accustomed to things we want or need happening quickly and efficiently. The problem is the short sale process is not efficient or streamlined by any means. In fact, I am hard pressed to think of any other financial transaction of equal magnitude that lacks efficiency on the scale of a short sale.

Part of the problem is each bank/servicer has different requirements. Some lenders require the short sale package to be faxed while others have you submit it online. Each bank/servicer also has different rules as to how and when an offer can be submitted to the investor for review. For example, some banks still require that the loan be delinquent prior to them reviewing any offers. Then there is the fact other interested parties like second lien holders, HOA’s, mortgage insurance companies, divorce attornies, judgments, creditors, bankruptcy court, and more may be involved. Finally, there is the govenrment’s HAMP and HAFA programs that can tie up the process. We also have to acknowledge that every bank’s short sale department is overwhelmed and negotiators over worked.

No two short sales are the same. I have seen some short sales processed and approved very quickly and some that have taken well over a year to complete. Some buyers get impatient, or their situation doesn’t allow for an extended review time, and they simply walk away. Having a buyer walk isn’t anything to worry about. More often than not, there are many benefits to be gained from having a buyer in the first place.

That’s why I don’t sweat it if the buyer gets impatient and walks away! We have to focus on what we can control. If the home shows well and is priced right for its condition, another buyer will come along and buy it. The difference the next time around is we usually have an idea of what the bank is willing to accept and the process becomes more efficient.

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  3. Great points! I agree that as no two short sales are the same, as are not any two regular homes sales.

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